An Intervention is a program that provides targeted instruction in a specific skill or set of skills to students who are at risk for poor learning outcomes.

Evidence-based interventions are often referred to a as multi-level prevention systems, defined by increasingly intense tiers (e.g., Tier 1, Tier 2, Tier 3) or levels of prevention (i.e., primary, secondary, intensive) which represents a continuum of academic and or behavioral supports. PALS, as well as all math and reading interventions developed by the Fuchs Research Group are evidence-based and have been validated as Tier 1 or Tier 2 interventions.

The evidence-based research that the Fuchs Research Group has been engaged in is based on data from scientific and rigorous research studies that have demonstrated (or empirically validated) the efficacy of the intervention. By applying findings from experimental studies, single-case studies, or strong quasi-experimental studies, an evidence-based intervention improves student learning beyond what is expected without that intervention.

The evidence-based math intervention programs developed by the Fuchs Research Group to prevent math disabilities are:

Number Rockets                   Math Wise                  Pirate Math                 Hot Math               Fraction Face-Off!               Super Solvers               Galaxy Math


The evidence-based reading intervention program developed by the Fuchs Research Group to prevent reading disabilities is:

Reading PI

Interventions recognized as a promising program by Blueprint. Being Blueprints certified means that our products meet the highest standards of evidence through independent review by the nation’s top scientists. Blueprints for Healthy Youth Development (Blueprints) adds Fraction Face-Off! and Number Rockets to its list of promising programs for academic performance and early cognitive development. Blueprints identifies prevention and intervention programs that meet a strict scientific standard of program effectiveness. Of the more than 1,000 programs that Blueprints’ Advisory Board has reviewed that are exemplary in methods and grounded in evidence.